I’ve been committed to social issues for many years and support two organisations which are near and dear to my heart.

The first organisation I support, is Breast Cancer Research Pink Ribbon. My mother fell ill with breast cancer and after suffering for many years, she sadly died at the young age of 53. During her last 6 years, I took care of her at home until she passed away – a particularly challenging experience for a girl of fifteen.

My great grandmother and my grandmother also succumbed to this disease and this puts me in a high risk category.

Beside Pink Ribbon I also support the Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation which works for the empowerment of children through access to education and creativity. The foundation is a world-wide network the aims of which, are to promote tolerance, open mindedness and mutual respect.

I’ll continue to report on these charities and my commitment to them, on my blog. A minimum of 10% of all profits achieved through sales of products bearing my name and brand, will be donated to both organisations.