With our 40th birthday, we’ve arrived more or less, at the halfway point in our lives. The question is, what to do with the remainder? Should we continue as we have in the past with ‘business as usual’ or can we change direction- and would that even be wise? I suppose it depends on personal circumstances.

As Barbra Streisand sang,

‘Good times and bum times, I’ve seen them all,
And my dear, I’m still here.’

I must have been mad to start a fashion company in my early 40’s, without even knowing how to sew on a button and also found myself as a magazine cover girl without ever having worked as a model. I continue to pursue both careers with joy, passion and happily, with continued success.

You might call me crazy and you are maybe right, but all I’m trying to show, are ways, means and possibilities in a manner which can both entertain and amuse. When good moods and optimism were being distributed, I called “over here please.” It seems my shouting was loud enough to be heard.

I was an only child. Both my parents suffered from serious illnesses so I soon had to learn independence and how to stand on my own two feet. As a young schoolgirl I took on household duties and when my mother went down with cancer, I also needed to nurse her for 6 years until she died at the age of 53.

My father was a builder and I was the first in my family to graduate and finish law studies after passing state exams. Oh what days they were! I didn’t know about my brother (from my father’s first marriage) and unfortunately we never met – my brother died at the age of 43 – shortly before our first meeting. But I know – some day we’ll celebrate a huge party together 🙂

I can’t say the first 22 years of my live were gloriously happy, yet I neither felt sad nor unlucky. I always tried to be optimistic, like those who see the glass not as half empty, but as half full. It’s an attitude I carry to this day. I simply love to laugh and even if there are dark clouds – I always see the sun.

Apart from PR management, designing and writing, there is my Business- and Personal- Coaching firm. It brings me great pleasure because there have been more than 250 clients during the past 10 years many of whom still stay in touch.

I feel both moved and honoured when they tell me of the new direction their lives have taken and the part I played in steering them there. When I ask how the coaching helped, they often answer, ‘because you always listened to what I had to say, and you believed in me.’

That’s why I encourage all my readers, ‘listen to your convictions and believe in yourself. Don’t live other people’s lives, focus on your own because you’ll never please everyone. In the end, you’re the one responsible for your own happiness and wellbeing.’

After peeping through the keyhole at the life of Corinna Busch, I look forward to your reactions, suggestions and any feedback to my blog.